A Tree in the Woods Just Fell

Anyone around to hear it? I'm curious...

Death By T-Shirt?

I know, I know... we've been quiet for a while. Hell, I haven't logged in to X Box Live in at least two months. It's a sorry state of affairs.

So you knew it was going to take something really cool/funny/interesting to bring us out of hiding and get another entry fired up. And I think I've just found it.

Check out this story on the "upcoming" (read: "Please, God, when will it finally be here?") Gears of War 3 and how some of the major plot points are going to being decided. Good idea? Next Big Step forward in game development? Lame gimmick? Let the debate (and buying of avatar tees) begin...

Wait, Now Star Wars Doesn't Suck?

I mean, damn... if the first three movies had looked like this, I might have actually enjoyed them. Two new trailers from the ongoing E3 conference: The Old Republic and The Force Unleashed II.

Avatar Days

Fun piece shot and finished in only four days (four?? try it in two, baby!!) about MMORPG players living their everyday lives. I love the reveals at the end... click here to watch.

Circuit Breaker (Tribute to Zelda)

Thought this was fun in a retro/goofy kind of way... a tribute to Zelda and other 8-bit nostalgia. Enjoy!

Resident Evil 5 Print

Came across these on a design/marketing blog... fun series of overseas print ads for the Resident Evil 5 release that provides nutritional information for the people pictured. Nice.

Inception Trailer 3

Wow. I know the details of this movie have been closely guarded for a while now, but last week saw a little bit of the cat getting out of the bag in the form of a third trailer for the upcoming Inception.

Seems like Christopher Nolan can do no wrong at the moment, and this looks like another epic in the making. I'm a huge fan of the music as well... definitely looking forward to seeing this one in July!